✖ andouille ✖ (fail_scribbles) wrote in fearyourshadow,
✖ andouille ✖

Farking bot.

Yeah mavelbine_whit needs to GTFO.
Of all places why spam here?

Jesus. D:
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Yeah, seriously.

I reported the bot again, but no word from LJ Abuse yet. Looks like it hasn't been deleted, either.

I reported this to LJ Abuse as well.
Looks like they aren't doing anything.
SRSLY. Stan needs to deal with this, evil king style.

*imagines Stan in a battle versus the "Obnoxious Spammer Evil King"*
Stan would actually probably be on the spammer's side." "Mua ha ha! Look how annoyed it makes all these people with a simple copy-paste! I should be this evil!"
... dang, you're right. xD