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Hello, new here. *wave*

Hello, I am new to this very cute but slightly small Community... Which makes me a newdb XD My name is shinnagami_star but call me Ki if you want X3

I am currently trying to beat Big Bull Evil King. I heard from wiki he has about 2700 hit pits and he's at level 25. (lol WTF?) Anyways, I love Okage. It's in second place next to Okami, which is in first (unfortunately). But I still love it. I was wondering if any of you know of any Okage links? Anything would work out except Stan/Rosalyn or exsessive amouts of Ari/Marlene, or any other weird parings like Espros/Kisling or something like that... Actually, that doesn't sound too bad.... *thinks about it* I would like some yuri too, like Marlene/Rosalyn. I'm picky at looking at ceritan arts, I don't like it too realistic or too super kawai (Really big eyes shiny eyes, etc.). I would love love love some Human!Stan/Ari because I already know how Stan looks in Human form plus I really don't mind spoilers. I don't read much so please no links for Fan Fiction only Fan Art thank you! T_T (And I don't mind Japanese or Original Sites or Icons or whatever.)

-- Ki
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